UA Star Service

Presented by the UA Director of HVAC Service and the MSCA Executive Director, this is an innovative program that can be implemented locally to help expand market share, increase the work force and ensure customers are being provided the most efficient and reliable service possible.

Who should attend?

  • UA business managers
  • Training coordinators
  • Business agents
  • Business owners
  • Key management people

There are three main programs:

  • UA S.T.A.R. Technician Certification Program
  • Joint UA/MSCA Recruitment Program
  • National Service and Maintenance Agreement & Schedule A

Also discussed is the recently formed UA/MSCA Marketing Partnership to help build awareness of the superiority of Union HVACR professionals, recruit qualified technicians to the industry, and ultimately build market share for contractors. The UA/MSCA Advertising and Public Relations Manual will be discussed.