Labor Estimating Workshop

This is a working seminar for individuals who are new to estimating mechanical systems, field personnel brought into the estimating department and estimators who are interested in increasing their estimating ability. Participants will learn about issues to consider before deciding to bid on a project, the various contract documents, what to look for in technical specifications and plans and how to organize estimate preparation.

The seminar illustrates the use of the Labor Estimating Manual (LEM) which will also be used by participants to gain hands-on experience determining the labor required to install a mechanical system. The seminar also shows how to apply correction factors, how to develop an individual company’s adjustment factors, and how to calculate loss of efficiency in overtime work.

Participants are placed in company teams that will go through the complete process of bidding a mock project using the LEM as well as a desktop computer shared by the team. The participants must bring their own calculators and writing materials.