Foreman Training

(Training seminar is scheduled for January 8, 15, 22, 29, 2022)

The Mechanical Contracting Industry Council of New Jersey (MCICNJ) has held its popular Foreman Training Program for 57 years now. Field supervisors from all over the state take time out of their weekends to fill the classroom to hear contractors and other instructors offer methods by which they can become better foremen. There are four sessions, each on Saturdays and each with a different set of topics. Volunteers from the industry, contractors as well as Union officials, share their knowledge about specific topics during each session.

Session One centers on project manager and foreman partnerships. . Instructors address the importance of the project manager and foreman relationship during each phase of the job.

Session Two focuses on the actual and realistic cost of an hour of labor. The instructor will break the work day down to the seconds and minutes of the day to present the reality of what labor really costs into today’s market. This session also covers job organization and specifics such as, material requisition to getting paid and the important role the foreman plays in this process.

Session Three presents safety responsibilities of a foreman. This session also covers the office relationship with the foreman. In addition, contract documents, management teams, project goals and scope of work are covered in relationship to building the job.

Session Four concentrates on labor matters and the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Legal and other aspects of local labor practices were discussed in detail by a panel of key speakers representing management, labor, law and the industry. The labor and management portion is usually handled by one of the business managers from one of New Jersey’s Local Unions, an executive representative from the MCANJ, a Union Contractor, and providing the legal background is an attorney affiliated with the Association.