Cumulative Impact of Change Orders

Presented by the principal investigator of the landmark study conducted by the Mechanical Contracting Foundation and the Construction Industry Institute on the impact of change orders on labor productivity. Participants will immediately have the tools at their disposal to favorably alter the way business is being conducted in the change order process. This seminar is designed for owners, supervisors, project managers, department heads, project engineers, controllers, and anyone who wants to learn successful strategies for prompt recovery of change order costs.

The material covered is as follows:

  • Types of changes
  • Why change orders cost you more
  • Recoverable change order costs, including realistic estimates for overhead & profit
  • Methods of pricing change
  • Methods of quantifying the impact of change orders on labor efficiency
  • The factor (cause & effect) approach, including the impact of overtime & over manning
  • Sources of cumulative impact
  • Recommendations for prompt recovery of costs
  • What to document to recover additional costs
  • Examples & case studies
  • The Measured Mile method
  • The CII/MCF study