Managing Service Projects

This class will focus on the unique job of being a service project manager and how to effectively and efficiently juggle all facets of this fast-paced and demanding job. The “typical” service project is a negotiated job, whether replacement, retrofit or upgrades, and on the fast track. These jobs can range from projects costing $10,000 up to $3 million dollars. A service project manager may be coordinating several of these jobs at the same time — furthering the need for proper planning, superior customer relations, precise time management, and an excellent working relationship with subs and partners.

During this seminar, the differences between a traditional new construction project and a service project will be discussed. Through role-playing, attendees will work with a team on a case study to gain a better understanding of all the challenges encountered during each step of the project.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Importance of customer relationships
  • Start-up meeting
  • Setting expectations
  • Communications
  • Time management
  • Subcontractors and partners
  • Adding value
  • Best practices/time-saving ideas
  • Scope of work
  • Utilizing technology
  • Understanding costs
  • Turnover meeting
  • Pricing and proposals
  • Collections