Next Generation Seminar – How Smart Leaders Communicate with the Millennial Generation

When we can develop a group of individuals to perform like a team great things can happen. In this seminar, which is a leader’s field guide to communicating with the next generation, the presenter will guide industry leaders on how to communicate with others for long-term success. As natural mentors on the jobsite, it is up to our leaders to develop the next generation to be the future leaders of the industry, and this is virtually impossible until the ability to effectively communicate with others is mastered.

This seminar will teach participates the following:

  • Why communication with the next generation is a greater struggle today than it has been in the past.
  • How a leader can develop their own communication skills as well as the communication skills of those they lead.
  • How to develop each team member so that everyone performs at their best and communicates on a higher level.
  • The tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques a leader must master to effectively lead in today’s market.