Managing Small Projects

The “Managing Small Projects” seminar was originally conceived by MSCA’s Board of Directors in response to members desire to be better prepared to acquire, plan and execute small or special projects. The seminar was developed around an actual project, with input from the Board of Directors, and incorporates all of the major elements necessary to profitably manage a special project.

The theme of the seminar revolves around separating your firm from competitors by paying greater attention to the details of small project management. This not only results in a more profitable project, it also lays the foundation for establishing a long-term relationship with the owner, the secret to success for any service contractor. The process of developing an effective strategy for managing the owner during construction is one of the attributes that makes this seminar unique.

The topics are discussed sequentially as follows:

  • Identifying profitable environments
  • Documenting the project and owner expectations
  • Developing a profitable scope letter
  • Scheduling for increased profitability
  • Proving you met the owner’s expectations

The course is constantly updated to include the latest developments & standards in the industry, as pertains to small or special projects.

The course integrates different methods of learning and takes full advantage of the attendee’s knowledge and experience as a serve contractor through open discussions, debates and team problem solving. By the end of the seminar, each attendee will have numerous ideas on how best to improve their firm’s performance on similar projects.