Growth Potential

Members of the mechanical contractor’s team in whatever capacity, rapidly become familiar through contact with these other specialists and professionals with the overall construction process-the art, craft and science of modern building. As they play their parts in installing boilers, controls, pipes of many varieties, fixtures, air conditioning and other indoor climate control units, their understanding of this modern equipment increases steadily. As they help protect and enhance the well being of the people who will live and work or play in these buildings, they gain true satisfaction. They have secured a rewarding career in the construction industry and are truly stars in their own fields.

If members of the mechanical contracting team wish to progress further or select other growing areas open to them, there are industrial piping and processing systems to be installed in chemical, petroleum, power, desalinization and other plants where complex, specialized piping is required. Here too, they can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to attain a worthwhile career.

MCIC hopes that this booklet has given you an interesting and thought-provoking view of one of the most exciting fields open to young people today. Whether you like to work with machine or hand tools, or have an engineer’s or designer’s talent, or are good at organizing projects, MCIC warmly invites you to think about-and look into-a career in mechanical contracting. We believe that all the potential rewards we’ve talked about are here-creativity, service to others, worthwhile satisfying work, excellent compensation and stability plus the finest personal growth possibilities anywhere. In mechanical contracting everybody can be a star.