Fairleigh Dickinson University Partnership

FDU representatives Marzi Azar, PhD. P.E., Kennedy Sani and Dr. Alfredo Tan provided the members of MCANJ with an outline of the content and goals of the degree program. In addition to the Bachelor of Science degree program, there will be an industry specific Certificate Program where enrollees could receive a certificate upon completion of six mechanical contracting engineering technology courses from the degree program.

In the context of how important continuing education is in the industry, President Candido explained that, Today’s mechanical contractor is a fully educated and experienced professional who takes pride in his or her work and in the Industry they are proud to belong to. The importance of continuing education cannot be overstated in an industry as technologically complex as mechanical contracting. The MCANJ’s initiative to focus on this concept has helped keep New Jersey at the top of the mechanical contracting industry nationwide for over a century.

The newly revised Mechanical Engineering Technology program will meet the needs of MCANJ member companies by providing them with engineering technologists who are trained in mechanical contracting: heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), piping design, estimating and project management.

Fairleigh Dickinson University has one of the most advanced Mechanical Contracting Degree Programs in the State as well as the educational resources and staff of the largest private University in New Jersey. MCANJ brings over a century of front-line mechanical contracting experience, over eighty member companies and thousands of top-notch United Association Union Journeymen who desire to educate themselves continuously about the ever-growing technical complexities and increasing safety standards on the job-site. The Association also possesses over four decades of its own educational program developed through the Mechanical Contracting Industry Council of New Jersey. The member companies of MCANJ also open the door to the possibility of equipment donations to FDU’s laboratory facilities. This pooling of resources and experience between these two major organizations will undoubtedly benefit not only the Mechanical Contracting Industry, but also every individual who takes their time to improve their knowledge in order to be one of the best in the industry.

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