This inside specialist is like the plumber and the pipefitter in that the job requires working with tools and special skills and talents. The tools, such as the T-square and triangle, are as different as are the talents, but the draftsman’s role is equally important to the successful completion of the job. This particular job function has also felt the impact of computer technology in the last few years. Increasingly, the draftsman’s task will be relying more and more on computer aided design hardware and software.

Following are a few of the draftsman’s job functions:

  • Prepares clear and accurate working plans and detailed drawings from rough sketches;
  • Checks dimensions of parts, materials to be used in relation of one part to another and to the whole structure;
  • Inks in all lines and letters on pencil drawings as required;
  • Lays tracing paper on drawings and traces drawing in ink;
  • Prepares finished drawings;
  • Uses knowledge of various machines, engineering practices, mathematics, building materials and other physical sciences to complete drawings.