Mining for Customer Gold

Prospecting to find and develop new customers and then closing on that business are two of the most important activities for a successful sales force. As projects or contracts with existing customers are concluded, salespeople need to continually find new business opportunities to grow their account base, expand sales, and insure the continued success of the company.

The methods many salespeople use to find new business are often haphazard and ineffective, causing valuable sales efforts to be wasted in pursuit of opportunities with only limited benefit and chance of success. In today’s sophisticated marketplace salespeople need to understand how to identify and qualify prospects that provide the highest potential for conversion into profitable long-term customer relationships – “Customer Gold”. This program will show your sales force how to use intelligent prospecting approaches to efficiently find and focus on the right customers offering the best opportunities available for developing new business.

On Completion You Will Be Able To:

  • Create an intelligent prospecting plan that is effective at finding high quality prospects for new business.
  • Identify and utilize the best sources for productive sales leads.
  • Differentiate between reactive and proactive prospecting.
  • Develop appropriate qualifying profiles to help you recognize the right customers and make sure you are focusing on those opportunities with highest potential.
  • Examine the fears associated with low calling confidence and take steps to eliminate barriers that get in the way.
  • Use a number of techniques to ask for the business so the service process can begin.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Raise sales efficiency by focusing sales efforts on high potential prospects.
  • Increase profitability by adding customers who want your company’s unique capabilities.
  • Build a high quality customer base with accounts that value long term relationships.
  • Take away tools for qualifying prospects and planning follow-up prospecting campaigns.
  • Gain greater confidence in putting sales techniques into practice.