Microbiological Management Plan for Service

The development of a microbiological management plan by every service contractor is imperative. If indoor air quality concerns are not handled properly, they can become a major problem for the contractor and prove very costly.

This seminar provides a step by step approach for handling IAQ concerns while following current guidelines and recommendations. Some of the topics which will be discussed during this session and which need to be considered in the development of your own company’s plan include,

  • The role of executive management including identification of associated costs and establishment of workplace education program
  • The need to identify a microbiological plan manager and his or her role and responsibilities
  • The development of a comprehensive education program for employees which should include a basic understanding of microbiology, possible health concerns, potential habitats where problems can develop and a review of current guidelines and standards
  • Identification of special tools and equipment necessary to protect employees or assist in the detection of problems
  • Legal and insurance concerns
  • Procedures for addressing microbiological concerns including proper documentation, site visit, HVAC system assessment, employee health concerns and work practices