Many Kinds Of Jobs

A few of the specific jobs available in the mechanical contracting industry have already been mentioned, such as plumber and pipefitter, two skilled crafts which are basic to the industry’s functioning. Some of the job opportunities are “inside” jobs, such as office, headquarters or shop occupations; others are “outside,” in the field, done on the jobsite where the actual construction is taking place. And some, of course, at the management level, are both inside and outside.

Most of the occupations in the industry have “mobility,” meaning that the employee is not stuck in one place doing the same thing all the time, as in a retailing or manufacturing career. As soon as a building project is completed, the mechanical contracting team moves to another location where the next project is underway. Obviously this makes for much greater job creativity and challenge than mere routine work. Even the inside jobs have variety, since new projects are constantly replacing old ones. Every construction project, even two for the same type of facility, has its own unique features.

To be specific, here are some of the more important job classifications in mechanical contracting, with a description of what these specialists do.