Customer Service & Sales Seminar

Customer Service

This program is designed to help associates better focus on your customer. We not only talk about what, but why we need to always have our eye on the target (the client). We accomplish this through discussion, role plays, small group discussion and review of situations (client challenges). This program runs 3 to 4 hours depending on participation and feedback. Below, you will find some of the discussion points and program focus.


In this session we will discuss and review the sales process. Each piece will be focused on separately.

  • Leads, how do we prospect?
  • First sales calls, what is the goal?
  • Set the agenda, make sure we have a plan (for the first call)
  • Understand their pain
  • Post call reviews
  • What is next?
  • Follow up, make sure you understand what they want and how best to approach
  • Prep for the proposal
  • Develop the proposal
  • Prep for the presentation
  • The big day (presentation)
  • Follow up to presentation
  • What if we win?
  • What if we lose?
  • The next step.