Dispatcher Professional Development Program

This program is designed to help new or experienced dispatchers advance their careers, improve satisfaction with their jobs, understand their vital role to the company and significantly enhance their ability to contribute to the company’s success.

Dispatchers perform a key role that is critical to the successful operation of any HVAC/R service business. As the company’s primary representative with the client, the dispatcher provides the nerve center for service scheduling, resource allocation, priority setting and final customer satisfaction – all elements of a good customer service function.

Professional dispatchers can improve company productivity by getting the most from limited service resources, building strong customer relationships and understanding their service technicians’ and service managers’ needs and capabilities. Many dispatchers do not reach their full potential because they have not had the opportunity to acquire or fully develop the complex skill set needed to be effective in this role.

MSCA’s “Dispatcher Professional Development Program” closes that gap with a comprehensive training course created specifically for service dispatchers. Custom-designed especially for MSCA members, this program goes beyond traditional technical training to help develop those advanced skills needed to be highly effective in the dispatcher role. By completing this program, dispatchers will be able to improve their job performance and more effectively contribute to the success of the company.