Build Your Future With A Rewarding Career In Mechanical Contracting

When a high school student thinks about the future, the career possibilities are virtually limitless; after college these options are narrowed greatly. Confronted with the numerous opportunities facing young men and women today, it is understandable that so many are confused and uncertain about their future.

It’s not uncommon for young people today to be seduced by the glamorous professions depicted in movies and on television. In a recent survey, a significant number of high school seniors said that they planned to be a “star” in one media realm or another. When hearing of the astronomical salaries being paid to professional athletes or luxurious lifestyles of the stars, it’s easy to see the attraction of such a career.

For the majority of young people the dream world of movies and television is seperate from the decisions needed to be made about a career in the real world. Most young people are looking for careers that provide a sense of personal satisfaction while at the same time making an obvious and significant difference to the world around them and providing sufficient income to live comfortably and be able to raise a family.

What most young people are looking for is something that is not simply a job, particularly not a job that seems like a dead end, where there is no chance of being creative or constructive; merely the same repetitive tasks over and over for years on end.

One field that affects all of us every day, but is often overlooked when thinking of careers is that of building and construction. And one of its most important segments, the mechanical contracting industry, is actively seeking capable young men and women to fill current and future positions in this dynamic growth field.

But what is mechanical contracting? Does it offer the kind of work and future that I want? Will it really provide creative challenges? Is the work really worthwhile? Does it have value for society? What are the satisfactions beyond merely holding down a job and earning a paycheck? What about advancement and personal growth?

These are not only fair and sensible questions, they are questions that every young person investigating various career possibilities should ask themselves. Answers to some of those questions about mechanical contracting are answered below.