Managing Field Productivity to Improve the Bottom Line

This seminar is for owners, supervisors, project managers, department heads, project engineers, controllers, and anyone else who desires to learn successful strategies that include productivity measurements and principals of improvement, identifying, quantifying and allocating risk factors affecting productivity, pre-job and pre-task planning, and tricks of the trade to cost-effectively measure field productivity. The program addresses many of the issues and new concepts necessary to successfully increase the productivity of on-site craft labor.

This seminar is based on the landmark study conducted by the Mechanical Contracting Foundation and the Construction Industry Institute on the impact of change orders on labor productivity. Upon completing the course, participants will know how to plan, measure, and take corrective action to increase field productivity, understand real life tools and techniques that will lead to increased productivity and more profit from projects and be ready in the firm to implement and measure to results of what has been learned.